An In-Depth Guide to Los Alamitos for New Homeowners

An In-Depth Guide to Los Alamitos for New Homeowners

Living in Orange County comes with many perks.

The best beaches at your fingertips, picturesque weather all year long, and so many different cultural experiences to fill up the rest of your weekends.

We all love it.

But we’re not the only ones who feel that way.

Hundreds of thousands of people share that same love for Orange County, which can bring crowded freeways, higher home prices, and long wait times at your favorite restaurant. 

We understand.

But what if there was a city that captured the essence of Orange County, without the drawbacks of some of the more populated regions and cities? 

Let me tell you about Los Alamitos. 

Located in northwest Orange County, Los Alamitos combines the benefits of big city lifestyle, with the charm and simplicity of a small town. Read on and discover all that the city has to offer, with our in-depth guide to Los Alamitos for new homeowners.


With just over 11,000 residents, people often forget about Los Alamitos when researching places to move to in Orange County. But with that smaller size comes better financial opportunities than other cities in the county.

The median home price in Los Alamitos is just over $820,000, which is lower than the county average by over 10%. This makes for the perfect starter home for a new family, or residents looking for a slower paced lifestyle as they get ready for retirement.

All without breaking the bank.

Ease of Access

Los Alamitos sits at the crossroads of the 605 and 405 freeways, two of the major thoroughfares in Southern California. 

You’ll only have a 20 minute drive north to downtown Los Angeles for a weekend getaway, or a 25 minute drive south to Irvine and other parts of south county when you’re commuting to work.

But what about those beaches?

Rest assured, you’ve only got about a 10 minute drive to Seal Beach, one of the most serene beach fronts in Orange County. And because Los Alamitos sits further northwest than the rest of the county, Long Beach makes for a perfect day trip to explore the Queen Mary and surrounding harbor. 

Military History

Like much of Orange County, Los Alamitos began as a predominant farm and sugar mill town. In fact, Katella was a country road that led to one of the biggest farms in the area on the edge of Coyote Creek. Katella was named after the daughters of this farm, “Kate” and “Ella.”

In the 1940’s, the US Navy moved its training field from Terminal Island to Los Alamitos, where city developers built a 1,300 acre tract. Once built, Navy and Marine pilots were trained here, revitalizing the city and surrounding areas with a population boom. 

The Joint Forces Training Base now serves as a hub for all branches of the military, with many families growing up in Los Alamitos as a result. 

Not to mention, the training base hosts one of the biggest fireworks shows in Southern California each year during 4th of July weekend, bringing thousands of people together from all across the county.

Sensational Schools

There are 10 public schools within the Los Alamitos Unified School District, including 6 elementary schools. The district ranks #2 in the county on state assessment scores and testing, so your child receives one of the best educations in the area.

Los Alamitos High School is also highly regarded for both academics and athletics, with 88% of students completing an Advanced Placement or College Preparatory class during their time before graduation. 

And while the district does accept students from families outside of Los Alamitos, families within the city limits also receive first consideration for enrollment. 

Robust Parks and Recreation

July is “Parks Make Life Better” month, featuring family-friendly activities and concerts all summer long at 7 different parks in Los Alamitos. 

The 3rd of July Fireworks Show is one of the best in Southern California, taking place annually at the Joint Forces Training Base.

There’s also fitness takeovers, flower seed giveaways, art workshops, and yoga sessions, all sponsored by the city and at a different park in Los Alamitos.

And that’s just July. 

Every month, the city puts out an endless amount of activities to enjoy the outdoors and take the family out for a fun afternoon. 

Los Alamitos Race Course

Although within the city limits of Cypress, the Los Alamitos Race Course provides an alternative form of excitement and entertainment than most cities in Southern California.

With almost weekly races taking place all throughout the year, all at affordable ticket prices and concessions, you’re just a short drive away from making some extra grocery money for the month. 

Delightful Local Restaurants and Eateries

Looking for a trendy brunch spot that also serves the best freshly sliced meat and tantalizingly tasty cakes? You’re going to love the Katella Deli.

What about fresh seafood and a gourmet fish market? It doesn’t get much better than the Original Fish Company.

Or are you more into the quaint, warm farmhouse feel with a dynamite wine selection? You need to visit Shenandoah at the Arbor if so.

And if you ask the locals where to get the best burger in the county? Volcano Burgers gets the call, every time.

Despite a small population relative to the rest of Southern California, Los Alamitos packs a mouthwatering punch when it comes to their local restaurants and food options. 

Top Rate Healthcare Facilities

If having a reputable, trustworthy healthcare facility within a short driving distance is important to you, the Los Alamitos Medical Center has you covered. 

Speaking from experience, it’s a phenomenal place to help mend a broken foot. They put you right back on your feet.

To coincide with their stunning array of park and recreation spaces, Los Alamitos has the health and wellness spaces to send you on the healthiest path possible. 


Sure, Los Alamitos isn’t the biggest city in Orange County. Not even close.

But what it lacks in sheer population, the city more than makes up for it with quality city management, affordable home prices, and a warm neighborhood feel that much larger cities simply cannot match.

So if you’re looking to get your foot in the door in the Orange County real estate market with a quality home, give our office a call and let’s chat about Los Alamitos.

We’ll bring the coffee and pastries from the Katella Deli ourselves.

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