7 Proven Methods to Sell Your Home Fast in Orange County

7 Proven Methods to Sell Your Home Fast in Orange County

You’re looking to sell your home.

However, anxious thoughts swirl through your head about whether or not you can do so successfully in this market. And those apprehensions are valid.

There’s less inventory, homes stay on the market for a tad longer, and many folks are nervous about finding the best time to pull the trigger on a house. For some, that’s a good enough reason to shy away and put their real estate dreams on hold.

But what if you don’t have time to wait? 

What if you need to relocate as soon as possible for a new career opportunity? 

What if you have a pending offer on your dream home a few blocks away and need to be ready to move?

What if the time needs to be now?

We’re here to help with 7 proven methods to sell your home fast in Orange County. Because sometimes, we don’t have the luxury to wait for the perfect moment to put the “for sale” sign in the yard.

Contact a Real Estate Agent ASAP

If you’re working in a truncated timeline, do not hesitate to find a qualified, experienced realtor to be your listing agent. This one may seem obvious, but many still choose to take their time making a decision, delaying the entire selling process from the get-go.

Marketing will be a critical aspect of whether or not your home sells fast, and a licensed agent will expedite your home listing faster than you ever could on your own. 

Be sure to ask your real estate agent a ton of questions before agreeing to be your listing agent. You’ll want them to know your motivations behind selling, what price points you’re comfortable with, and ultimately what will get the deal done. That way, they negotiate with confidence and conviction if needed down the road. 

Deep Clean the House

One of the first things your agent will recommend is thoroughly cleaning the home to prepare for sale. 

No matter how clean you think your home might be, we always recommend a professional cleaning to give the home that fresh, clean slate to attract new homebuyers. Chances are, you may have overlooked a nook or cranny when dusting and cleaning the floors. 

You’ll also need to say goodbye, for now, to most of the family photos situated around your living room and bedrooms. Potential homebuyers want to feel themselves living in the space, without outside influence from the seller.

And since we’re looking to sell fast, declutter your house as much as possible. We want buyers able to move freely without bumping into stacks of papers or those Pendleton blankets you bought at Costco. Plus, rooms without clutter feel larger because we’re increasing the amount of space, putting buyers more at ease.

Competitive Price

Where we price our house will determine the amount of interest we receive from potential buyers.

We don’t want to scare off potential bidders with too high of a price, nor do we want to extend the sales process with a dragged out negotiation before closing. 

We need to think with an efficient mindset and price our home with confidence.

Your agent will work with you and show you effective comparable homes in your area with their listing prices. If you really need to move swiftly, consider a lower price than these comparables to attract even more buyers. 

Chances are, with the right price point, we can create a bidding war that gives us a fair return on our investment, while also keeping the sales process at warp speed. 

Quick Repairs

It’s probably too late to do major renovations to your home.

But we need to take care of the urgent issues that offer straightforward return on investment. Replacing broken windows and panes is a must. As well as tightening up or replacing any broken door handles and cabinet doors. 

Think of repairs around the home the same way a prospective buyer would do. We want to portray an owner that took care of the home and paid attention to detail. Not one that neglected the property and overlooked every minor inconvenience. 

We must ensure the buyer trusts the seller in a swift sales process, thus giving them more confidence that their new investment will pay off.

The Kitchen Gets Special Attention

We hear it all the time at open houses and showings.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home.”

While the phrase gets tossed around in real estate quite often, we can’t disagree with the sentiment. A clean, updated kitchen goes the extra mile in the mind of the homebuyer.

These updates can be as simple as replacing the handles and knobs to a brass or silver finish, or repainting the cabinets if you have a free weekend to do so.

A little care in the details goes a long way towards building that trust with the buyer with efficiency.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Make a good first impression.

The first thing a buyer will see when they visit your home will be the front entrance and driveway. So tidy up that front yard, repaint the front door with something bright, and light up those pathways. We want things to feel warm and inviting on their walk to the front door.

Think about calling a few landscapers for a one-time cleanup if your yard looks unruly and untameable. But there’s also plenty of small changes you can make to tidy up the yard to get it into shape.

Sweeten the Deal

Buyers love financial incentives. There’s no denying it.

So if you need to move fast, consider ways you can sweeten the deal. 

Covering closing costs is a solid option, as well as accommodating a buyer’s potential requests for move-out and move-in. And for the ultimate builder of trust, be sure to accept any and all inspections for the home. Exude your confidence as the seller with the care and conviction you have for the house.

The simpler you can make the process for the buyer, the smoother it will be for you as well. And when we’re pressed for time in Orange County, we need to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.


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