How to Prepare the Front of Your Home for Sale

How to Prepare the Front of Your Home for Sale

In just a short amount of time, the real estate market has changed.

Interest rates keep hiking up, homes are on the market for longer, and inventory remains scarce. We feel anxious, nervous, and apprehensive about what the future holds. 

So what do we do about it?

We embrace the challenge. We take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way. 

In this real estate market, it’s more important than ever to stand out.

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you cannot afford to leave any stone unturned and any detail overlooked. Those who sell their home for the maximum price in this market are the ones who take the necessary steps to put their home in the best light possible. To make it so enticing to buyers that they cannot pass up the opportunity. 

That includes making a darn good first impression.

The front of your home is that first impression. A chance to wow the buyer. A moment to warm their heart before they step foot inside. A dream of theirs manifesting in front of their eyes.

But how do we do this? How do we survey the front of our home and ensure everything looks its best?

Here are 7 ways to prepare the front of your home for sale in today’s competitive real estate market. Because when we learn what needs to get done, we turn that knowledge into power.

Exterior Paint

Take a walk into your front yard on a warm, sunny day and explore the exterior of your house. 

Is the paint a little faded from the daily sun? Is it missing that fresh glow? Are any spots cracking or peeling?

It might be time for a fresh paint job on the outside of the home.

Remember, we’re trying to make an awesome first impression that not only looks great for marketing photos, but also entices the buyer to WANT to step foot inside to see what more the home has in store. 

If you’re a little more budget-conscious before putting your home on the market and the exterior paint still looks good, consider painting just the front door instead. Most folks will not get up close and personal with every square inch of the exterior, but they’ll definitely be walking through the front door. 

Make sure your front door looks like the royal entryway to the kingdom that lies inside.

Inspect Windows

The windows of your home, especially those in the front, need to be clean and tidy. Windex is a must, but also be sure to inspect that all weather seals are functioning properly.

Window replacement and repair can be some of the most expensive work done on a home. So if yours are in need of replacing, consider getting that done before putting your home on the market. The cost upfront may be high, but the added value to your home will be worth it when it’s time to sell. 

Plus, the more “move-in ready” you make your home, the more enticing it becomes to buyers. Win-win.

Fencing in Good Condition

Have a wooden or metal fence in the front yard? Or maybe a privacy fence near the entryway?

It’s time to give this protection piece a closer look. 

Look for spots of rotting or rust and replace individual pieces of the fence if the problem isn’t too bad. If your fence has started to lean or is breaking away from its foundation, you want to either get it replaced or removed.

Consult with a landscaping or fencing company to get their opinion on re-imagining your front yard space. These companies can have phenomenal ideas on what a yard can look like with or without a fence in the front yard. And if your fence does need to be replaced, it might be cheaper to look at options of removing it rather than completely replacing it.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Before that “For Sale” sign goes in the front yard, pressure wash your driveway and any concrete walkways to the front door. It’s a simple task and creates a fresh, clean look leading up to the home like a red carpet at a movie premiere. And your home is the star of the show!

If your driveway or walkway has cracks and multiple crevices that you avoid stepping on, consider getting new concrete poured to remedy those problems. 

Remember, we’re trying to make a spotless first impression. If potential buyers have anxiety on their way into the home because of the condition of the front, their mindset now starts to shift into a more negative space.

Give them the red carpet that each buyer deserves.

Landscaping Trimmed Back

Grab those shears, snag your pruners, and fire up the hedge trimmers. Your yard and garden beds need to match the energy of the rest of your glorious abode.

First, walk from the driveway to the front door. Do you have to avoid any low hanging branches or sprawling bushes on your way to the door? Trim all of those back so potential buyers don’t have to stiff arm their way through.

Then, inspect all of the garden beds. Any plants wilting or dying? Leaves cluttering up the space? Hedges looking more raggedy than an uncombed cat?

Plant new flowers, rake up those leaves, and spruce up the hedges like a fine haircut. 

It only takes a few hours of work, but the impression it leaves is one of a responsible homeowner. And if potential buyers trust that the previous owner took care of the house, they’ll feel more confident that the rest of the house is in good shape as well.

Eaves and Gutters

I get it. We don’t get much rain in Southern California.

But we did just have a record rainstorm this spring that brought us out of a decades-long drought. It does happen.

That’s why your gutters need to be free and clear of leaves and debris. 

Take the time to clear them out and test them by pouring water in them to ensure the flow of water moves away from the home as intended. 

As for the eaves that overhang from the roof to keep water away from the exterior walls, make sure they look clean and tidy, free from mold in the crevices underneath.

The average buyer may not carefully inspect these things before putting in an offer, but it’s still important to keep these areas free from clutter and debris.

Beautify the Front Porch

Move the shoe cabinet from the porch into the garage. Sweep up the front deck from dust and debris. Add a planter or two near the front door to create an inviting entryway.

Similar to the inside of the home, the goal of beautifying the front porch is to depersonalize the entrance. Yes, potential buyers understand that there was someone living inside the home. But we want to create a space where they can easily imagine themselves living in that same home.

That becomes a lot harder to do if you have piles of shoes and lawn chairs sitting out on the front porch.

Take the time and care to inspect every piece of the front of your home. It could mean the difference between selling fast or sitting idle in today’s ultra-competitive real estate market.

And if you want an experienced real estate agent that positions you for success, we know a team that can help you out. 

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