Neighborhood Spotlight: Tanglewood North in Cypress

Neighborhood Spotlight: Tanglewood North in Cypress

“How do we find the right place to live?”

Our clients always ask this question during our first meeting together. You are not alone in feeling anxious or inexperienced when it comes to searching for the right place. But we are happy to lend our knowledge and expertise to quell those concerns. 

Southern California is a beautiful place to live. We’re blessed with gorgeous weather year-round, a diverse group of residents and families, and countless places to explore and recreate.

With such an ever-expanding population, it can be overwhelming to find the right house to live in, much less the perfect neighborhood. 

You want a neighborhood that’s safe and well-maintained. A living community that provides comfort and that “neighborly” feeling we all dream about. 

In this week’s neighborhood spotlight, we present Tanglewood North in Cypress. A stunning townhome community built and organized with every resident in mind. Or, as the tagline says:

“A special place to live.”

And here are the reasons why we can’t stop recommending Tanglewood North enough to our clients. 

Beautiful and Well-Maintained Grounds

Built in 1968, Tanglewood North in Cypress now features 443 units in a sprawling, green environment perfect for building that sense of “ahhhh” in its residents. 

When the grounds were first developed, they were made to look like a traditional New England park space, perfect for relaxation and plenty of space to roam. Over the years, the climate and availability of water has brought on changes to a more drought-resistant landscape, while still maintaining the natural beauty that only Southern California can provide.

Tanglewood North features seven pools in 4 locations throughout the property, along with 2 clubhouses available for residents to rent. On a hot summer day, you’ll still find ample areas to cool off and enjoy the outdoors. 

Benefits of an Attached Family Home

An attached family home shares walls with its neighbors, thus differing from their detached family home counterparts. However, this type of home comes with many benefits to buyers.

If you’re on a tight budget when buying a home, an attached family home is a wonderful option, such as the townhomes you’ll find at Tanglewood North. 

Attached family homes offer a lower purchase price and less maintenance than detached single-family homes in the same area. So, if you’re a young family looking to build some equity in a starter home without the added risks involved, these townhomes provide you the comfort you seek. 

And while sharing walls with neighbors may give you pause, Tanglewood North is a very engaged and active neighborhood, allowing you to build relationships with your neighbors in no time. Soon enough, Bill next door will be inviting you over for some smoked brisket and mint julips to enjoy each other’s company.

You never have to worry about keeping the area around your home neat and tidy, because the phenomenal homeowners' association at Tanglewood North keeps the lawn, trees, and bushes in pristine condition.

Stellar Homeowners’ Association

Yes, we’ve all heard the horror stories of homeowner’s associations across the country. Disallowing certain yard decorations, charging you for showing your garbage cans in the driveway, or permitting only 3 lawn gnomes when you’ve got 4 that just HAVE to stay together. They’re a family of course.

So we understand your hesitation.

But the homeowners’ association at Tanglewood North is the cream of the crop, winning multiple awards for their maintenance and community engagement efforts. All of their board members belong to the Community Associations Institute. Plus, Tanglewood North has an on-site manager, ensuring that you can always communicate your needs directly and in-person. 

The association also posts regular updates through their community newsletter, providing regular updates on the neighborhood and how your fees are being allocated. Full transparency from the board is of utmost importance, so you can breathe easy knowing they’ve got your back.

Bang for Your Buck

In addition to the affordable HOA costs, townhomes at Tanglewood North are also FHA and VA loan approved because of their single family residence designation. 

This means that despite their differences from detached family homes, you can still get the same type of loan approval in your home buying search. Another reason why Tanglewood North relieves you of the added financial stress. 

Finding the right neighborhood is already difficult. But the community at Tanglewood North simplifies the search for you with all of their benefits and amenities.

Safe and Neighborly Community

We’ve been involved in the Tanglewood North community for over 20+ years. In that time, we’ve gotten to know so many homeowners and families in the area. And the thing they love the most about living here?

The sense of community.

From welcoming neighbors to friendly meetings around the pool in the summer, you are surrounded by people who genuinely care about their surroundings and the families living close to them. 

A perfect microcosm of Southern California, Tanglewood North features homeowners of different ages and families, ranging from first-time home buyers just starting their family, to retired couples looking for a quaint place to enjoy life to the fullest. 

And with everyone in the neighborhood looking out for one another, you’ll also find yourself in one of the safest communities in Orange County. Plus, finding a helpful neighbor willing to feed your cat while you’re away for a weekend will be a breeze. 

Excellent Schools for Your Children

Multiple elementary schools lie within walking distance of Tanglewood North, all a part of the distinguished Cypress School District. Plus, you also have the added bonus of Cypress High School and Oxford Academy nearby, meaning you’re well-positioned for your children to continue their education from the same home as your family grows. 

Cypress High School and Oxford Academy are some of the best schools in the state of California, with Oxford Academy ranked the #2 public high school in the country just a few years ago.

Safety and educational opportunities rank as top priorities for any young homeowner, and Tanglewood North’s location takes care of those concerns. 


Southern California’s housing market can be overwhelming to navigate. With so many areas and neighborhoods to explore, your search feels like it may never end.

But come on down to our office, located just minutes away from Tanglewood North in Cypress. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge on every nook and cranny in the community, while also answering any questions you may have about Tanglewood North in detail.

Yes, we love the neighborhood because of our extensive experience in the area. But we wouldn’t share our enthusiasm for Tanglewood North if it wasn’t genuine. 

And judging by the experiences shared from residents in Tanglewood, we think you’ll be sharing in that joy in no time. 

We look forward to helping you find that “special place to live” very soon.

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