An In-Depth Guide to Cypress for New Homeowners

An In-Depth Guide to Cypress for New Homeowners

Here at Kathy Zajac Real Estate, we love Cypress.

Our team members have raised families in Cypress, worked here for years, and enjoyed so much of what the city has to offer new homeowners. 

But what makes Cypress your ideal place to settle down and raise a family? 

The city of Cypress focuses on creating and sustaining a safe, attractive, and quality environment for all of its residents to live, work, and play. 

Here’s how Cypress follows through on that mission, so that you can get settled in quickly and immerse yourself in all that the city has to offer.

Location, Location, Location

With a population of around 50,000 people, Cypress has that small-town feel, while also connecting seamlessly with the vibrant lifestyle of Orange County and surrounding areas.

Located in northwest Orange County, you’re just a quick drive away from the 405 and 605 freeways, giving you easy access to business hubs across the county and into Los Angeles. This makes your potential commute to work efficient and stress-free, which can be difficult to find in other parts of Southern California.

Family-oriented Activities and Recreation

The Cypress Community Center provides all sorts of activities to enrich your family’s life and give you plenty to do on the weekends. 

Take the kids to find Easter eggs in the spring, or dress up in your best costumes for the Halloween Carnival in the fall. Cypress has you covered with plenty of engaging events and activities to connect the entire community.

And while the community center and Oak Knoll Park provide an awesome hub for these types of events, Cypress doesn’t just stop there. In the 6.6 square miles that encompasses Cypress, you’ll find 21 different parks and recreational areas to enjoy a sunny weekend. 

You could visit a different park every other weekend for an entire year, without leaving your hometown. How many cities can make that claim?

Educational Opportunities

“The house looks great, but how are the schools in the area?”

When exploring a home in a new city, buyers looking to raise a family always ask this question. Cypress has an exceptional answer to ease your concerns.

Starting with elementary education, the Cypress School District has 6 different schools to serve you and your children’s needs. 

Once they move on from elementary school, Lexington Junior High prepares your children for the rigors of high school, where you can find both Cypress High School and Oxford Academy High School down the street from one another. Oxford Academy rates as not just one of the top high schools in California, but a top 20 school in the nation.

From Pre-K all the way through high school graduation, you can rest assured Cypress has everything your child needs to excel in their educational journey and make plenty of friends along the way.

Dairy City Beginnings

Did you know that Cypress was originally named Dairy City?

Back in the 1950s, Cypress was a major part of “Moo Valley,” an area encompassing present-day Cerritos (Dairy Valley) and La Palma (Dairyland). Moo Valley was a major hub of dairy farms that served California with fresh milk and dairy products. In fact, at one point in 1956, the population of Cypress counted 1,616 people and 24,000 cows.

As time went on and more businesses flocked to the region, the city moved on from its dairy beginnings and was renamed Cypress, drawing inspiration from the flock of Cypress trees protecting the city’s elementary school from the seasonal Santa Ana winds.

With more business and commerce in the area, Cypress received an influx of a different type of “moo-lah,” shaping the city closer to what we see today.

Senior Community Support

Located on Grindlay Street, down the road from Oxford Academy, lies the Cypress Senior Center. Here, local seniors from our community can enjoy their favorite activities, ranging from nutritional programs, dance classes, free movie nights, and so much more. Far more expansive than just your plain bingo nights. 

But they don’t just limit themselves to recreation. At the Senior Center, you can also find information and resources related to transportation, health insurance counseling, and legal aid. 

Cypress fosters an engaged and diverse community, embracing sustainable growth for families to prosper. And as you can see, the city follows through on that vision with support not just for young adults and their children, but for all members of the community. 

Support of Local Businesses

As your real estate expert on the city of Cypress, we pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of the area, not just what the local housing market is doing. That includes knowing and showcasing all of the local businesses and restaurants that call Cypress home.

Want to grab some fresh food and groceries while sampling local eateries? Check out the Cypress Farmers Market, open every Saturday, rain or shine. 

Need an afternoon pick-me-up or flowers for the wife when you come home? Classic Cafe and Bakery has you covered.

Thursday night and you’re craving some authentic, family-style Mexican food? Chow down on a carne asada burrito from our friends at El Zarape.

Enjoying a casual afternoon that could use some pho to warm up your day? Pho So 9 serves up authentic Vietnamese noodles that’ll ignite your soul.

You and the hubby fancy a night out? Try the bruschetta and chicken parmigiana at Franco’s. You’ll be transported to Sicily after just a few bites.

And of course, we’re happy to share all of our tips and tidbits that we’ve learned about Cypress over the years. Stop by our office, grab a coffee, and chat with us about what makes this city great. We can even share some places to get a friends and family discount just by mentioning our name. That’s how connected we are in this community.

We’ve lived and worked in Cypress for over 25 years. We love this community and are proud to support all of its residents and businesses that make the city such a wonderful place to live. 

And we’d love for you to be a part of this tremendous growth. In true Cypress fashion, we’d love for you to seize the moo-ment and experience all that the city can provide you and your family.

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